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Welcome to HEATCAMPS

The brand new generation of Fitness and Health class

Classes in Garston & Walton, Liverpool & Wirral

Turn Up the Heat and Book with Heatcamps Now

Get in touch with us today & we’ll email you back

Welcome to HEATCAMPS

Turn up the heat!


What is HeatCamps?

HeatCamps is the Brand new generation of Fitness and Health class which is for ALL fitness levels and gender. Our classes are Heated to 35 degrees inside our specially tailored Inflatable which is based Indoors. Sessions last Just 35 Minutes, with a Short break to re-hydrate half way through, your in and out before you know it!!

0-1000+ calories Burnt in 1 single 35 minute session, you can be looking to expect Fast results with us, quicker than Any other class/BootCamp around!

Our Classes are packed with Effective & Interesting routines designed for Reducing Body Fat, Increasing your fitness levels:-

Reducing Aches and pains/Stiffness

Reducing High Blood pressure

Reduces Asthmatic symptoms

Massively helps Prevent Insomnia (recent survey across clients)

What Can I Expect from Attending HeatCamps?

First of all the Massive immediate improvements are to your Heart & Lungs, getting out of breath going up the stairs will be a distinct memory after just 1 week!

Within a short period of time even as little as 1 week with doing 2 or 3 sessions you'll start to see changes right away. The Average weight loss across clients being around:

Per Week:

2-3Lb (not eating healthy)

3-5Lb (eating healthily + 2-3litres of water per day)

5-6Lb (eating Healthily, no alcohol, no teas or fizzy drinks etc + 3-4 litres of water per day)

Waist Reduction !

Noticeable changes to the waist and lower back you can certainly expect with amazing core exercises incorporated into all our routines.

Friendly Atmosphere

At our venues you are made to feel 100% welcome and all clients that attend our venues are their for upcoming holidays, weddings, confidence boosts.

Everyone has similar goals so everyone relates to each other and is massively supportive!

Personal Training Techniques

After attending our venues for a short period of time our highly trained Instructors pick up on where your strengths and weakness's are and help tailor exercises for you to Improve where your weak and struggle. The trainers not only run the classes but they adapt exercises for Anyone & Everyone with injuries or weaker spots so you can be sure to see huge improvements in yourself Immediately!

You can reach us here

Find out all the details on our contact page You can use our handy form to send us a message if you have any queries.
Failing that there is good old email and we’ll get back you as soon as we possibly can.
We are passionate about exercise and want you to be as passionate about it as us….as soon as possible.

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